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"E hara, e agape kai ta dakrya" (Joy, love and tears)
Papadopoulos, 2007. 40 pp.
Illustrator:Katerina Veroutsou

Where has joy been? Where is love hidden? Where do tears go after they have been dried? A reader can look for the answers to these questions together with the stories' hero and his beloved who live in fairylands.


. Three admittedly charming fairy tales that can be distinguished because of their homogenous style, frugality of expression, notional clarity and the refinement of their speculations.
Heraclis Kallergis July 6, 2007
Emeritus Professor of the University of Patras

Having read these three short stories, you will both enjoy yourselves as well as discover that love is hidden behind everyday things. Tears may also flow your eyes either out of sorrow or joy as it always happens whenever we read nice stories.

KATHIMERINI (newspaper) - inset Erevnites Sept. 1, 2007
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