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"Ta kalytera genethlia" (The Best Birthday)
Papadopoulos, 2009. 40 pp.
Illustrator: Katerina Veroutsou
ISBN: 978-960-412-966-9

Manolis is planning to have his birthday outdoors at the playground, to fit all his guests. But the rain destroys his party. It looks as if it is going to be Manolis's worst birthday. Or maybe not?


“Children often ask for a “real” book that is not a picture book but a book similar to what their parents used to read. We propose The Best Birthday, by Loty Petrovits, dealing with a real birthday fitting to children. Grown-ups should read it also!”
Mariza De Castro
TA NEA newspaper, June 27, 2009

“... A joyful, entertaining story beautifully illustrated”
Litsa Psarafti
Diadromes quarterly, No 95, Autumn 2009

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