Loty Petrovits-Andrutsopulou
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O t h e r  w o r k s

  • Neaniko imerologio me stagones neoellinikis piisis (Youth diary with drops of Neohellenic Poetry) - a small anthology.
    Patakis, 1983 - 12th edition 1996. In co-operation with A. Alexandraki

  • Elisabeth Petrovits - Mia Serraia afosiomeni sto kathikon (Elisabeth Petrovits - A woman from Serres devoted to her duty) - short biography. Serraika Chronika, 1993

  • Mnimi Natali Petrovits - san paramythi (Remembering Natalis Petrovits - As a fairy tale). Short biography, Serraika Analekta, 4th volume, 2006
  • Articles in more than twenty Greek journals

  • Τhe 2nd World War in Greek Children's Literature. National Book Center - Bibliographic proposals, No 46.
  • Articles in translation, in the magazines:
    The little mermaid
    (Αlbania), Be'hemet (Israel), Bookbird (international), Boletin-Libro Infantil y Juvenil (Spain), Counselling News (Greece), Cricket (USA), Detskaya Literatura (Russia), Giornale dei Genitori (Italy), Phaedrus (international).


T r a n s l a t i o n s

  • Ta dikaiomata tou anthropou (The Human Rights), - essays of various authors (In cooperation with other translators).
    Efthini,1978 - 2nd edition 2000

  • Ta nefelopsara zoune sti thalassa (Blowfish Live in the Sea), by Paula Fox, Psychogios, 1979 - 4th edition 1987

  • Epihirisi "kokkini ammos" (The Camelthorn Papers), by Ann Thwaite. Kastaniotis, 1987

  • O Tzimis ke to Gigantorodakino (James and the Giant Peach), by Roald Dahl (In cooperation with Athena Androutsopoulou). Psychogios, 1994

  • Series: Mikres Istories (Short stories), by Tracy Morony.
    (In cooperation with Athena Androutsopoulou). Patakis, 1994

  • Essays for the magazines Efthini, Diadromes, and others.
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